Wednesday, 11 July 2007

PNG photos - tribal visit

On our last weekend in PNG, we made two day trips to a people group that was unreached with the gospel until last century, when some NTM workers brought them the Word of God and many of them found a new life in Christ. By now, the workers have left and there are churches in several of their villages. It was a pleasure to spend some time with these believers and take part in their church service on Sunday morning. They are so thankful for the workers that came and they have a desire to bring the good news of Christ to other people belonging to their people group. They even made a direct appeal to us Interface students that we would come back to PNG. On the Saturday, the highlight was another mumu, and on the Sunday, the highlight was the church service. They sang songs both in Pidgin English and in their native language. There was a striking difference in the way they sang their own songs in their own language.

Peeling the kaukau for the mumu

A chicken loses its head

An indoor mumu!

Lots of smoke!

Scraping out the coconuts

Sunday morning church service (front)

Church service (back)

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