Tuesday, 10 July 2007

PNG photos - sikmun

One day, we went to visit the village, and there were two dead cows lying on their back with their feet sticking up in the air and being taken apart by the men of the village. It was in preparation for another mumu on the occasion of three girls coming of age, i.e. old enough to be married. The ceremony is called "sikmun". It was to take place on the next day and the girls would be wearing traditional dress. All of us students were invited to attend the ceremony and have some of the mumu...

Men preparing the cow meat for the mumu
The mumu ground oven

Unloading more food for the mumu

On the day of the mumu: the roasted pig is brought onto the scene

Kaukau na pik

The three girls at the sikmun

Students enjoy some of the mumu

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