Thursday, 5 July 2007

PNG photos - language helper sessions

Apart from the classroom sessions, we also had regular meetings in small groups with a local language helper. Instead of learning the language & culture of the people from books, we were able to learn from them first-hand. Puxi was the language helper for Jon, Ben and me. He is a really neat guy. We had plenty of fun together learning Pidgin English from him.

Em i wanem? Ben asking Puxi in Pidgin what different things are called...

Puxi show us how to cook kaukau (sweet potato)

Planting a banana tree in Puxi's garden

With Puxi and his dog

Attempting to light a fire by rubbing bamboo strings around a stick

The girls peel the kaukau for the mumu (traditional food heated in a ground oven)

The men prepare the mumu "oven"

It gets a bit smokey...

Food is buried beneath this pile and is cooking

The food is retrieved
The men's table

The women's table

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