Wednesday, 19 February 2014

This is Britzingen

Last month, Lisa and I moved to the small village of Britzingen...

Britzingen is a small village of roughly 1,000 inhabitants in the Black Forest in the south of Germany. It was first mentioned in records in Charlemagne's fifth year as King of the Franks (A.D. 773) before he later became emperor in western Europe.

The main industry in Britzingen is wine ...

... and it is surrounded my numerous vineyards. No fruit on the vines yet, though...

Many of our neighbours also have different kinds of animals. On of our neighbours has goats and sheep:

Just across the road from where we live, there are a number of chickens, which we often hear during the day... ;-)

And another neighbour has horses:

Our apartment is in this house. The two windows on the top left side of the house belong to our apartment.

We are very thankful to God for the nice apartment we can live in here and the nice little village in the countryside we can live in. Would you like to come visit us sometime while we are still here?

This place is not our home - we are just passing through. In the autumn, we hope to leave for Mexico. Here today and gone tomorrow...

Above the door of one of our neighbours, we read some words which remind us of our reason for our living and moving and being:

It says:

Those who pass through this door
Are to remember evermore
That our Saviour Jesus Christ
Died on the cross for our sins

This is the message we want to see proclaimed in all the world for the joy of all peoples and for the glory of God.

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