Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Better than football - part 2

I wonder how many reading this can't wait for Euro 2008 to start... For you Americans ;-) and everyone else who doesn't know what Euro 2008 is, let me just say it's the European football ("soccer") championships - the next biggest thing to the World Cup. For more info, see their website: England did not manage to qualify for it this time, so I'll have to find another team to support. But I'm pretty sure I've made up my mind who to support now. I'll leave it up to you to guess. =)

Anyways, today I was reading an article in the Times about Gavin Peacock, a former English professional football player who decided to pursue something in life that is bigger and better than football. The Salvation Army posted an interview with him on its website, in which Gavin Peacock explains what is most important to him:

Football wasn't central in my life: God was the main thing and God is eternal. He is with me in my present career just as much as he was when I was playing football. So I haven't collapsed, because I don't put my hope in football or in the media. I put my hope in God.

The Times article I was reading today reported that Gavin Peacock will be giving up his career in the world of football (now as a commentator) after Euro 2008 in order to go to seminary and give his life to the ministry as a preacher of God's Word.

That's exactly what 2007 FIFA World Player of the Year Kaká also wants to do when his years as a footballer are over, as I wrote about in a blog post entitled "Better than football" towards the end of last year. Part 1 - Kaká. Part 2 - Gavin Peacock. Part 3 - ...?

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MichaelLJ said...

Thanks, this was a good reminder for me not to fix my hope on a job, a company, a technology nor anything than on Jesus.