Thursday, 29 November 2007

Better than football

What's better than being the best football player in the world?

According to Brasil and AC Milan star Kaká, the highest calling in this world is to preach the Word of God. As I read today, this is what he himself wants to do when he retires from football (click here to see the article I read on the website of the International Herald Tribune).

Kaká is certainly one of the best football players of today and may well be named both the best player in Europe and the best player in the world in the next few weeks.

Now I am a Liverpool supporter and was 100% behind Liverpool when they played AC Milan in this year's Champions League final. Unfortunately, Liverpool couldn't repeat their success of 2005 and lost 1-2. But it was great to see what happened after the final whistle. While all other Milan players started celebrating like crazy, Kaká pulled off his jersey to reveal a shirt that said "I belong to Jesus" and he fell on his knees and gave thanks to God.

Bill Shankly, one of Liverpool's greatest managers is reported to have said: "Football isn't a matter of life and death - it's much more important than that." With all due respect for Shanks - that's just pure nonsense.

I join Kaká in saying: "Football is great, but Jesus is so much better!" Football can never give me anything of any eternal value. Only Jesus can give eternal life and only Jesus can give meaning and fulfilment in this life. Jesus said: "I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." (John 10:10)

I wish Kaká all the best for his future footballing career, hope he will play for Liverpool some day, and pray that God will use him as a servant of Christ in football and after football.


Tom the Builder said...

Michael- this is so cool. I'm a missionary with NTM and was looking for NTM HQ images on Google and saw the link to your site! And....guess what? I'm a Reds fan, too! I was born in Missouri, far from the EPL, but my son played footy from kindergarten on up through High School and got me into following Liverpool. Their character and club philosophy is most like my favorite baseball team, the St Louis Cardinals (I'm from St Louis). I saw the pix of you a Heather, too. We go waaaaay back.
My wife and I are moving to Sanford at the end of the summer. if you ever get back we'll have to catch a match at a local pub.



Michael said...

hi tom, thanks for the comment! that's great to know about an american reds supporter at ntm! don't know when i can come back to visit sanford again, but will try to look you up if i do. i'm starting bible school at north cotes in september. might be able to swing by liverpool after they win the premier league next year. =) - michael