Monday, 26 March 2007

Trip to Ireland

Almost one year after leaving my job in Ireland, I was able to go back again for a short holiday. The weather was unbelievably good and it was great to meet up with friends there. It was fun to visit my old workplace and see someone else sitting at *my* desk! I also had plenty of fun with the teen group from church as they managed to help "Mystery Man" with another one of his missions. The Sunday morning service at Galway Bay Baptist Church and the fellowship with the church family on that day was a real blessing. Oh, and I also met up with a friend from Germany who just *happened* to be in Galway on the same weekend! That was absolutely nuts!! Below are some pictures from my trip...

Little SAP reunion
Eyre Square

View of Galway Bay from church in Furbo

Shop Street
German invasion in Billy's bookshop

Cracking the code
Finding the treasure

Photo with teens
Mr. Bean has definately got the looks!


Angela said...

Hi Michael!

Thought I'd leave your first comment! Whatever you did to the weather here seems to have worked, it's still lovely! Lets see how long the magic lasts :o)

Still haven't made it to Amazing Grace yet, but I will!

Roy & Emily said...

Mista Bean is my hero!!