Sunday, 18 March 2007

My first blog entry

So, this is my attempt at becoming a blogger. Something I didn't want to do in the past because I thought I'd have no time to keep up with it (which may still prove to be true!). So what motivated to do it anyways??

  1. Some friends who told me about their new blogs. That may include you if that's what you did within the last 2 or 3 years. Thanks for showing me how it's done! I enjoy visiting your blogs, to keep it up!
  2. It seems a good way for me to share my news, views etc. with my friends.
  3. The glory of God. (This really should be top of the list!) I've been hearing/reading/thinking a lot about this topic recently and want my life and all I do to glorify God. As Max Lucado writes: "Everything and everyone exists to reveal his glory. Including you." (It's Not About Me, p.32)
So this blog exists for the glory of God. I may write about happenings in my life, but it's not ultimately about me.

What do I mean? Well, this is where the name for this blog fits in. It wouldn't be worth the effort for me to write just about my life because I'm petty insignificant and my life may be over at any moment. Here today and gone tomorrow. That's me. That's you. That's the President of the United States of America. That's every human being.

The Bible says:

Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour that appeareth for a little time and then vanisheth away. (James 4:14)

Man's only hope for a true meaning and purpose in life is in his relationship to God through Jesus Christ. A relationship in which God is at the centre as the source of all life. We have every reason to glorify God.

John Piper writes:

God made man small and the universe big to say something about himself. And he says it for us to learn and enjoy - namely, that he is infinitely great and powerful and wise and beautiful. ... [T]he point is not to nullify us but to glorify him. (Don't Waste Your Life, p. 34)
So, in my blog, I want to show just some snippets from my tiny little corner of God's great universe. Things happening in my life, places I visit, deep thoughts and not-so-deep thoughts. Hopefully, there will be something interesting or edifying for you. And feel free to comment or ask questions on anything.
I want to end this first post with the words to a song which provided the inspiration for naming my blog and which makes me stand in awe of my wonderful Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. SOLI DEO GLORIA.

Who Am I?
Written by Mark Hall
Song based on Psalms 52 and 139 and Ephesians 2

Who am I, that the Lord of all the earth
Would care to know my name,
Would care to feel my hurt?
Who am I, that the Bright and Morning Star
Would choose to light the way
For my ever wandering heart?

Not because of who I am,
But because of what You've done.
Not because of what I've done,
But because of who You are.

I am a flower quickly fading,
Here today and gone tomorrow,
A wave tossed in the ocean,
A vapor in the wind.
Still You hear me when I'm calling,
Lord, You catch me when I'm falling,
And You've told me who I am.
I am Yours, I am Yours.

Who Am I, that the eyes that see my sin
Would look on me with love and watch me rise again?
Who Am I, that the voice that calmed the sea
Would call out through the rain
And calm the storm in me?

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Dharmesh said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. I am sure it will be interesting to read what you write.