Friday, 27 May 2011

The field

The field is ready.

This is where in about one week's time, our Cross-Cultural Communication class will be setting up our tents for a special 5-week field training experience.

In those five weeks, we will be living without many modern conveniences and spend most of our time with culture & language acquisition (CLA). Eight hours a day, we will be learning a foreign language and culture from a "culture & language helper" (CLH).

The language I will be learning is Palaka, a language spoken in the Ivory Coast by about 8,000 people. I will be learning the language from a teacher who used to live and work among this people group.

As I visited the campsite this morning before breakfast, it was hard to imagine that I would soon be living here for over a month together with all my classmates. We will have alsmost no contact with the outside world.

I hope to post some more photos and write a bit more next week once we have set up our tents and while I am still able to access the internet.

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Anonymous said...

Brother this is most exciting and will be most rewarding. Remember that all you do will be for the glory of His name. Let this motivate you when it gets hard.

Vic Gill