Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A North Cotes hymn

Yesterday, I had the opportunity of learning a little bit more about the history of North Cotes and St. Nicholas Church from the church warden. I was also able to visit the church and have a little tour of it. Its history goes back at least to the 13th century.

One of the things that interested me the most was to find out about a hymn that was written here many years ago, out in the middle of nowhere. The tune is aptly called “North Coates”. I found out that this hymn is not even sung any more in the church in North Cotes. That’s really unfortunate because if it’s not even sung here, I wonder where it still would be sung today.

Nevertheless, the words of the hymn are very good and worth dwelling on and worth reposting on my blog:

O my Saviour, lifted
From the earth for me,
Draw me, in Thy mercy,
Nearer unto Thee.

Lift my earth-bound longings,
Fix them, LORD, above;
Draw me with the magnet
Of Thy mighty love.

LORD, Thine arms are stretching
Ever far and wide
To enfold Thy children
To Thy loving side.

And I come, O JESUS; -
Dare I turn away!
No! Thy love hath conquer’d,
And I come to-day;

Bringing all my burdens,
Sorrow, sin, and care,
At Thy feet I lay them,
And I leave them there.

Why don’t you make this your prayer today?

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Jennifer said...

Beautiful and thought provoking!