Monday, 4 May 2009

11 April - The Bean

I just got back from a one-month road trip in the USA where I visited friends in 15 states and spent at least some time in 22 states plus Washington, DC. Starting with this blog post, I want to publish some photos from some of the places I visited.

On 11 April, I visited Chicago for the first time with my friend Andy. We went to the Sears Tower, Navy Pier and the Moody Church among other places, but the most interesting object to photograph in Chicago is definitely the "Bean". There's not much more I can say about it really except that it is probably the most fun place to hang around in Chicago! See for yourselves!

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Appletree said...

One month road trip in the US - NOW I AM JEALOUS!!!
So far I have never been to the US but I would love this so much.

You might have realised, that I deleted my blog. You can catch up with me at

And sorry, I did not answer your question so far: I was at Wycliff Germany for my summer job.