Monday, 28 July 2008

Mexico photos - working on a building

Most of my time in Mexico I was not a tourist. The main reason for going to Mexico was to help with the construction of a training centre for Mexicans who want to learn more about God's word. I was working with a team of about 15 people from Canada, the Netherlands and various U.S. states (Idaho, Kentucky, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington). We worked weekdays from about 6.30 am to about 1.30 pm in very hot temparatures. My alarm clock also shows the temparature and I put it out one day and it said 41.1°C (106°F)! It was so hot that you didn't even sweat properly because the sweat immediately dried up! The main work we were doing was mixing cement and pouring the concrete floor for a big multi-purpose building that is to be built at the training centre to be used as a gym, conference centre and classrooms. In addition to that, we were digging trenches for pipelines, whitewashing buildings, moving beds, furniture, tools, equipment and materials around, mowing lawns, etc. Lots of work, but sure worth it! I was reminded of a song by Elvis Presley which goes as follows:

I'm working on the building
It's a true foundation
I'm holding up the blood-stained
Banner for my Lord
Well, I never get tired, tired, tired
of working on the building
I'm going up to heaven to get my reward

The training centre

The new multi-purpose building

Working on the building

Filling the cement mixer

Wheelbarrowing the cement

Pouring the cement


Digging trenches



Check the temparature in the bottom right corner!

Anyone thirsty?

The work team

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