Sunday, 22 April 2007

A day out in Frankfurt

This weekend, I had some visitors from America - Dan, John and Andrew who I all got to know at BJU. Dan and John were together with me in the awesomest society on campus: the Phi Beta Chi Bulldogs. I think what they enjoyed most in Germany was driving on the autobahn! =) They rented a nice BMW and we went into 6th gear and up to 217 km/h (135 mph) - a new record for me, too! We drove to Frankfurt and had a beautiful day out there, seeing the banking district, city centre, river Main and getting a view of the whole city from the top of the Main Tower, before going to see the football match between Eintracht Frankfurt and VFL Bochum later in the afternoon.
European Central Bank and Commerzbank

With Dan and John on the "Eiserner Steg" bridge

At the Römer (city hall) with Andrew

Lunch on the rooftops

View from Main Tower

With Stefan and Max in the Commerzbank Arena

View of Frankfurt skyline from stadium

Back-row Baptists?

Eintracht Frankfurt v. VFL Bochum

Eintracht on the move

Still reason for optimism - only trailing 0-1 at half-time...

A fantastic day in Frankfurt overall, except for Eintracht who lost the game 0-3. How did that happen?!?

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