Monday, 10 November 2008

It started with one Bible...

On 10 November 1908, the Gideons placed their first Bible in a hotel room in Montana. That was 100 years ago. Today, the Gideons are active not only in the USA but in over 180 countries of the world, where they place Bibles in hotels, nursing homes, hospitals and distribute Bibles in schools, at universities, in prisons, to the armed forces and many other places. Approximately 1.3 billion (!) Bibles have been given away free of charge by the Gideons since they placed their first Bible in a hotel room 100 years ago. God's Word has brought hope to many people and many have seen their lives change for the better through the reading of the Word of God. God's Word can do the same for you, too, no matter who you are.

Take a look at the following short news article (with video clip) marking the 100th anniversary of the placing of Bibles in hotels by the Gideons:

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