Wednesday, 8 August 2007

PNG videos - language helper sessions

Puxi, the language helper of Ben, Jon & me, helped us to learn Pidgin English. But not only did we learn some of the language, we also got a good insight into the daily living of the native people and their culture. The typical food in PNG villages is "kaukau" (sweet potato). From what I gathered, they eat kaukau every day. So Puxi naturally showed us how to plant and cook kaukau. And we also took part in a "mumu" which is when kaukau and meat and greens are all thrown together in a ground oven and cooked for special occasions. Us boys were also curious if they could show us how to light a fire without using matches...

Preparing the garden for planting

Planting kaukau

Cooking kaukau for breakfast

The mumu at Puxi's place



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